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About Us

over 35 years in business

Founded in 1989

Water Still was founded in 1989. We are celebrating over 34 years of business in Amarillo. Water Still uses Ultra Premium Vapor Distillation to purify the water. Ultra Premium Vapor Distillation is recognized as the premium method for purifying consumable water and produces the purest tasting water available today! Ultra Premium Vapor Distillation produces the highest purity water on a consistent basis and is the only process that can provide absolute peace of mind, (99.9% pure) Ultra Premium Vapor Distillation is the only method that can achieve the highest level of purity.

Premium Products for everyone.

Our goal is to deliver premium products that you can feel confident in using, enjoying, and preparing for your friends and family. We believe in promoting the health and well-being of people everywhere and upholding the highest standard of production to preserve our precious environment. Please feel free to contact us and we’ll be happy to answer any questions or hear what you have to say. Your satisfaction is our satisfaction and we look forward to your continued business with us.

Go green with Water Still

Buying your water local has no transportation cost, and refilling your water at Water Still is the GREENEST way to get your water with no added delivery cost.