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About Us

over 35 years in business

Founded in 1989

Water Still was founded in 1989 and has been locally owned and operated by its original founders since its inception. We are celebrating over 35 years of business in Amarillo. When the Water Still founders moved to Amarillo in 1988, they quickly noticed that the tap water in the area was poor in both quality and taste. Having experience making distilled water at home, they decided to come up with a solution with the goal of providing the community with the highest quality water possible.
Water Still uses Ultra Premium Vapor Distillation to purify the water and produce all our water, ice, and tea products. Ultra Premium Vapor Distillation is recognized as the premium method for purification and produces the highest purity level (99.9% pure) of water available today – providing absolute peace of mind and ensuring you will taste the difference.

Premium Products for everyone.

Our purpose is to deliver premium products that you can feel confident in using, enjoying, and preparing for your friends and family. We believe in promoting the health and well-being of people everywhere and upholding the highest standard of production to preserve our precious environment. We are grateful for the Amarillo community that has continued to grow with us and we look forward to serving you every day.

Go green with Water Still

Buying your water local has no transportation cost, and refilling your water at Water Still is the GREENEST way to get your water with no added delivery cost.